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Why Choose JW HR Services?

Our combination of experience in Corporate Human Resources and Employment Law:

  • Provides us with a unique perspective on workplace issues that includes an understanding of all sides:
    • The employer’s perspective and needs, the practicalities of running a business
    • The government enforcement agency process once an employee files a complaint
    • The evaluation of an employee’s claim for trial purposes
    • Current case law on the issues
  • Allows us to provide advice that is both:
    • Practical for your business AND
    • Given from a legal compliance viewpoint

What JW HR Services can do for your company:

  • Help you balance the needs of your business with the employees’ desires, which can in turn:
    • Increase the satisfaction of your customers (happy employees provide better customer service)
    • Increase incoming revenue (happy employees are more successful in “selling” the business/product/service)
    • Increase the quality of applicants (happy employees recommend the company as a good place to work)
    • Decrease turnover, saving you costs associated with hiring and training (happy employees are less likely to quit)
    • Increase employee productivity (happy employees are more productive)
    • Decrease employee absenteeism (happy employees miss less work)
  • Set up policies and procedures designed to minimize the chances of an employee bringing a legal claim against you
  • Set up policies and procedures designed to provide you with a solid defense should an employee bring a legal claim against you
  • Train your staff to help create a tolerant environment that is free from harassment
  • Train your managers to appropriately respond to various employee relations issues

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***JW HR Services provides only consulting services. If your company is already facing a specific allegation or legal claim, you need to contact an attorney regarding your individual situation.

The information provided on this website and services provided by JW HR Services are consulting services. Information and advice given is not, nor is it intended to be, legal advice. As every situation is unique, you should consult your attorney for advice regarding an individual situation. Because JW HR Services will not be “representing” you, certain protections such as the Attorney-Client Privilege do not apply.